Poor Boys Sports is the product of over 28 years of Mike Tyson’s sweat and tears - no, not the world-renowned boxer Mike Tyson, but rather the locally famous and prominent Dundalk resident. Tyson has built Poor Boys, his Baltimore Ravens & Orioles fan store, into an integral part of the Dundalk community through personal investment and timeless devotion.


Mike, who got his start in business at the age of 10 thanks to his “Big Brother” from the Big Brother’s program, started Poor Boys as just a small project. Mike worked in his Brother’s fresh produce business as a boy, and by age 20 had started his own such enterprise with a childhood friend. They experienced early success, and expanded to include flowers with their fresh produce.


Poor Boys eventually grew to include country crafts and candles as well as stoves with their produce and flowers. Tyson, however, was not satisfied, and made the key decision to begin selling Ravens & Orioles merchandise as well. During the Ravens’ run to Super Bowl XXXV in 2000, Tyson began selling Ravens car flags. Seeing what a great opportunity this was, he decided to add much more sports merchandise the following year.


Then there was the “Flamingo Incident”


Poor Boys is the premier location for Baltimore sports fans. Stop in to our dundalk location today, or shop online for all of the greatest Ravens and  Orioles gear


Special thanks to Greg Dapkowski, Terry Gerahty, John Hwang, and the many others without whom none of this would be possible.